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Logging in:

Under the Login section, you will see three text fields. One for User, one for your pin (that should be four digits long{****}) and lastly one passkey that is nessecary to encrypt this site. If you don't know the pass key, either ask someone or use this hint: First four letters of the owners of this farm's last name, then the animal that you work with, then one more number following.
If you want to be remembered by the server, click remember me. This will allow you to go straight to the site and bypass the login screen next time.

I'm logged in... now what?

You will see one of three things,
On mobile there will be a list in front of you.
On a desktop or laptop, there will be a side bar list exactly like the mobile list.
Lastly you may see a "Javascript disabled" message, if so, follow the link provided to enable JavaScript, because the program needs it.
Ok, so whether on mobile or desktop, there is a list, all items on the list can be clicked in order to bring up a screen containing information. On mobile you will be prompted with a near full screen display of information, while on the desktop version the information is displayed on the right side of the screen. The logout button is different, because instead of displaying information, it will log you out.

Tabs and what they do:

Welcome Page: Gives a brief overview of how to use the schedule database, and all notifications from the office will be displayed there.

View schedule: Allows you to have a look at current schedules, and if the time is right, upcoming ones too. Note: Static schedules cannot be flagged or picked up.

Tweak schedule: Most of the workers on the farm will not have this tab, here you can choose which schedule to tweak. If someone wants their shift flagged but cannot do it themselves, then put a _f behind their name.

Logout: Ends your session, and logs you as out.

Add to homescreen?

Thats right! You can add this page to your homescreen of any mobile device, essentially making it an app. Its really simple for apple products, just tap the share button and "Add to Homescreen" should show up, and on android, its probably in the list button.

How to flag or pickup shifts?

If you are viewing a schedule that doesn't have the "You cannot pickup or flag shifts here" message, then you are on the right track...
First, you will notice that any shifts you are booked for, your name is displayed in green colour.
Any shifts that are already flagged by other users or yourself, will be displayed in an orange colour.

Now how to pickup and flag shifts... You can only flag your own shifts for pickup... The way to go about this is by locating a shift that you work and clicking and or tapping on your green name. This will bring you to a flag login screen. Basically we just want to make doubly sure that you are flagging your shift. Once you re-login, you will be prompted with a simple message saying if your shift is now flagged. If some odd errors show up, please report them to the office if on the second try you receive the same message.

Picking up shifts is nearly the same process as above, except this time tap and or click on an orange labelled(flagged) worker, if in fact you want to work particular shift.

ONCE A SHIFT HAS BEEN PICKED UP, then and only then is the shift the responsibility of the one who picked up that shift.
Also, double check to see if the request went through, by using the back buttons, or by selecting view schedules and view the one you were working with.

How to view a Schedule:

Found in the view schedules tab are a set of buttons with a date range specified for each one. Mid week buttons on top and weekend schedules below. Just click the button with the schedule you want to view. This will send you to a schedule in table format, with the date specified on top.
On the bottom will be a back button bringing you back to the page with many buttons. Also, if you so wish, you can print off the schedule using the print button on the bottom of the page.
For help on how to flag or pickup shifts, see here